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February 3, 2023 Dear Passholders & Friends of Canoa Ranch and Torres Blancas Golf Clubs: Frost delays galore, but delay’s none of us enjoy. If you believe your tee time may be impacted by a frost delay, please call the Frost Delay and Information line 520-352- 1082. Information recorded on the Frost Delay line, will include information for both Canoa Ranch and Torres Blancas. I receive frequent questions about how Canoa Ranch & Torres Blancas are doing financially. While I cannot provide specific financial information, I will share a couple items.

• Since 2023 just started, only the 2021 to 2022 passholder programs can be reviewed, but comparing 2022 to 2021 passholder plans shows an 11.3% increase to this program. A very big thank you is extended to all passholders! I am happy that the passholder program meets your needs.

• Reviewing the combined Canoa & Torres 2022 EOY financials, they were in the black! Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. Chef Alex and Lynn’s staff at Canoa Ranch will be offering a great Valentine’s Day dining experience on Tuesday February 14th. For Canoa Ranch please call 520-393-1933 to make your reservation.
Not to be outdone, Chef Javier and Bethany’s staff is offering a splendid Valentine’s Day menu also on Tuesday February 14th, so please reserve your table at Torres Blancas by calling 520- 625-9192. It is strongly encouraged to make your reservations early at either Torres Blancas or Canoa Ranch.

Spring will be arriving soon, with Chad, Ivan and Arturo preparing the courses with applications of pre-emergent. Chad consistently receives requests to trim desert areas, often overgrown over a period of time. Chad and his team will often meet with homeowners and evaluate trimming requests. On the Canoa Ranch & Torres Blancas websites is a copy of the “Maintenance and Trimming Standards” that we use when neighbors contact us. You can find the “Maintenance and Trimming Standards” at or It is well past overseed, but as you can see, the overseed was overall, a success. We have been applying monthly and bi-weekly fertility to the greens and other overseeded areas. To help keep the courses in good playing condition, we ask that you practice proper etiquette by repairing ball marks and filling divots with the sand/seed mix provided. All players will appreciate your efforts.

Mark your calendar for future events, more information to follow: Sun Feb 5, 8:30AM at TB - Passholder/Guest Golf/Lunch Sat Mar 4, 8:00AM at TB – Day 1 of Women’s Club Championship Sun Mar 5, 8:00AM at CR – Day 2 of Women’s Club Championship Sat Mar 18, 8:00AM at TB – Day 1 of Men’s Club Championship Sun Mar 19, 8:00AM at CR – Day 2 of Men’s Club Championship This month’s golf quote comes from Louise Suggs, "Golf is very much like a love affair. If you don't take it seriously, it's no fun, if you do, it breaks your heart. Don't break your heart, but flirt with the possibility.”

Please enjoy a round of golf as you enjoy your friends and family during the Holiday Season. As always, my thanks to all of you for the support you provide and the patience you have had as we continue to make improvements at both Canoa Ranch and Torres Blancas. Be safe, and enjoy life and your golfing experience with us!

Mike Cochran - General Manager Canoa Ranch & Torres Blancas 520-352-1031 (office)