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November 1, 2019

Dear Members & Friends of Canoa Ranch and Torres Blancas Golf Clubs:

As I write this letter, I’ve been watching an amazing autumn season with great temperatures and considerable sunlight greet the season. We’ll soon be entering the winter season, where last year we had 37 frost delays, 11 full days of rain and 4 full days of snow. Please join me with requests to minimize the bad weather this coming winter season!

We continue to apply fertilizers, apply sand and spread additional winter grass seed for our Canoa Ranch greens. Several greens have shown very good improvement, a couple Canoa greens still have more improvement to go. Canoa tees and fairways continue to be in great shape. The entire course at Torres Blancas is in great shape.

Since we separated from Scottsdale Golf Group on August 7th, one rumor has surfaced several times, so I thought it appropriate to dismiss it. The rumor is that Canoa Ranch & Torres Blancas golf courses have been sold for $200,000. Although interesting, there is no truth to the rumor. What is true, is that both Torres and Canoa are for sale and have been for some time. If anyone knows an investor that is serious about purchasing a golf course, and can demonstrate the financial capability to close such a deal please refer them to me.

We have several types of tee time cancellations. There is a “Normal” cancellation, where a golfer cancels a tee time in advance because they cannot make it at that date/time, or maybe the golfer is moving to a different date/time. There are tee time cancellations attributed to “Weather”, and we had plenty of those in the 2018/2019 winter season (worth $43,112). But by far, the cancellation type that impacts us the most on a repetitive basis is “No Show”. During 2018 we experienced a substantial amount of No Shows, and another substantial amount of No Shows so far in 2019. Where we lose out, is when a tee time is made for 4 players and only 3 players arrive, or 4 tee times (16 players) are reserved and only 8 players arrive without cancelling the other 2 tee times. When we are not notified in advance, we cannot recover that lost revenue by booking a walkup golfer or two. Effective in November, both Canoa Ranch & Torres Blancas will start requiring a credit card number for public players to make a tee time reservation either via the golf shop, the reservation center or via our websites. A nominal $20 “No Show” charge will be accessed to the credit card on file if a player does not arrive, and if we are not notified within a 24-hour advance window. If we are notified prior to 24 hours of the tee time, there will be no charge. This is a common practice within the medical field, the airline industry and many other businesses so when a patient or customer doesn’t show up, that individual is charged for not showing. For us to be successful, we must stem these losses.

After monsoon season we find trimming of shrubbery, trees and brush to be a massive undertaking. We also receive many questions from neighbors about that tree, or grass that needs trimming. On our website under the News tab, you will find trimming guidelines for homeowners adjacent to our golf courses. “Tree, Shrubbery & Trimming Standards for Areas Surrounding Canoa Ranch & Torres Blancas Golf Courses”. So, when your neighbors say they want a tree on golf course property removed to improve their view, please refer them to our trimming guidelines.

Our membership plan for the 2020 season has been very well received. Several new options are available to choose from. If you haven’t signed up for a GREAT golfing membership yet, you’ll want to review these offerings. Canoa Ranch golf shop personnel can answer all questions.

As some of our winter visitors have walked into the golf shops, I’ve heard the question, “Is Jon Vayre still here?” Jon has over 30 years of experience and is one of the best instructors in southern Arizona. We also have Mike Hertel as a golf instructor at Torres Blancas. If you need help with any part of your game give Jon a call at 520-235-9821 or email at , or Mike at 520-222-4700.

Recently there have been a couple members who have inquired about how much the membership supports Canoa & Torres vs. public players. While I can’t provide actual numbers, I can state that members contribute 31% to the overall business, and the public 69%. I do appreciate each and every contribution, and hope you all have fun with us!!

On Saturday October 12th a Member/Guest event was held with 40 members & guests. Play was a “Choose em & Loose em” scramble format, with a great BBQ meal following the golf. The winners were Peggy and Charlie Wolff, and Ruby and Mark Wilson. Second place included Jennifer and Jerry Morningstar, and Allison and Craig Duran.
Upcoming events for your calendars include!

• Sat Nov 9, 2019 at CR – 12 noon - Member/Guest Golf, Putting Contest & Dinner
• Sat Dec 7, 2019 at CR 3-5PM – Member shopping night, appetizers & beverages

We’ve experienced a slight delay implementing our new menus for Canoa & Torres. We’re looking at approximately November 11th as a new implementation date. I’ve seen the menu preview, very appetizing. Be sure to make your reservations now (520-393-1933) for the Thanksgiving Buffett at the Grill on the Green. Chef Alex and Lynn’s team will provide an exceptional Thanksgiving meal.

November for many is a month of Thanksgiving with family and friends, with maybe a bit of thanks for the game of golf. I personally am very thankful for this large circle of friends and family that we have at Canoa & Torres. Golf is often that great escape from the other things in our daily lives. Golf allows us the opportunity to enjoy each other, even if it’s after the game in the 19th hole. As you think about Thanksgiving, think about the positive impact golf has had on your lives, and give thanks again. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

As always, my thanks to all of you for the support you provide, and the patience you have had as we continue to make improvements at both Canoa Ranch and Torres Blancas.

Mike Cochran
General Manager – Canoa Ranch & Torres Blancas
520-352-1031 (Office)