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March 1, 2021

Dear Passholders & Friends of Canoa Ranch and Torres Blancas Golf Clubs:

February has passed so quickly I’m not sure I really saw much of it.  March is upon us, with frequent windy weather as winter gets replaced by the initial hints of spring.

We are hoping that our winter season is past us, since we’ve experienced 42 frost delays as compared to 43 last year to date.
With the arrival of spring comes our semi-annual greens aerification, this project is scheduled for May 11 and 12 at Canoa Ranch.  After the aerification we will follow up with a light sand topdressing and off we go for the season.  The main reason we aerate greens is to introduce oxygen into the rootzone and release gasses built up in the soil.  Aeration also allows better drainage as the greens will seal up and not allow water to penetrate easily if we don’t perforate the surface regularly.  I know aeration is not popular with our guests but it is one of the most important maintenance practices we accomplish each year.

Exactly one year ago, all of us were just starting to be concerned about COVID-19 and the possible impact to each of us individually.  I believe we all would agree that it’s been a tough year, with many facets of our normal lives having been changed.  I’m starting to see an increase in the numbers of people coming back for inside dining in restaurants, so I offer that Pima County Health Department has been to Canoa Ranch and provided us with the “We’re Ready For You” labels showing that we’ve implemented the safety practices that Pima County suggests to keep everyone safe from COVID.  Come join us please, dine on the patio or inside with plenty of space around you.

We have a great advertisement on the Green Valley Sahuarita Chamber of Commerce website, sign up under daily specials, for a round of golf and lunch for $50+tax.

Thanks to all who attended the February 6, 2021 "Lone Ranger" event at Torres Blancas.   Winners include:

Low Gross
1st – 150 – Forest Beckwith, Norm Plowe, Allen Tjaden & Bob Sheer
2nd – 156 – Tod Merrill, John Jackson, Larry Mediger & Dave Schutt
3rd – 159 – John Lindeman, George Christopher, Dean Brandon & Mike Stowers

Low Net
1st – 153.3 – Susan Gibson, Kent Garrett, Kris Holthaus, Larry Rudsinsky
2nd – 156.2 – Joel Purtle, Joel Purtle Sr, Jackie Purtle & Keith H.
3rd – 158.3 – Robert Vaught, Teresa Bombardier, Ron & Gwen Vaught

Mark your calendar for future events, more information to follow:
     •    Sat Mar 6, 8:00AM - TB - Day 1 of Women’s Club Championship with lunch
     •    Sun Mar 7, 8:00AM - CR - Day 2 of Women’s Club Championship with lunch
     •    Sat Mar 20, 8:00AM - TB - Day 1 of Men’s Club Championship with lunch
     •    Sun Mar 21, 8:00AM - CR - Day 2 of Men’s Club Championship with lunch

Jon Vayre and Mike Hertel provide Golf Schools, Academies, and Clinics.  Please visit our websites for further information.  If you need help with any part of your game give Jon a call at 520-235-9821 or email at , or call Mike H at 520-222-4700.  Jon is now a certified PING fitter, so if you need a new set of clubs, or maybe just a new putter or wedge, please give Jon a call.  He’s already ordered several full sets and several individual PING clubs for customers.  Get your fitting scheduled with Jon, and get the clubs and instruction to improve your game.

This week I was listening to a variety of customers checking in at our golf courses, and heard some consistent comments from customers and their friends, including “ it’s about time you got here, we’re next on the tee”, “I haven’t played in 3 months, I need at least 9 strokes”, “I don’t want to golf with him/her, all he/she does is complain the whole round”, and the dreaded “I don’t know you, I’m not going to golf with you”.  During this year, show respect to your fellow players, enjoy your friends and family, and forget about the troubles away from the golf course for just 4 hours – and have a great time!

As always, my thanks to all of you for the support you provide and the patience you have had as we continue to make improvements at both Canoa Ranch and Torres Blancas.  Be safe, enjoy life and your golfing experience with us!
Mike Cochran - General Manager
Canoa Ranch & Torres Blancas
520-352-1031 (office)